GEOINT Symposium

June 4-7 • San Antonio, TX

MemSQL Highlights at GEOINT

Real-Time Data Pipelines Demo
Stop by the MemSQL Booth to see a demo of MemSQL Pipelines, and find out how to effortlessly ingest Kafka feeds with exactly-once semantics.
Pipelines Demo

Free Giveaways
Take home a MemSQL tshirt, O'Reilly Machine Learning book, and enter for a chance to win an Estes Proto-X Drone

Free O'Reilly Book

Stop by the MemSQL Booth to grab a free copy of our new O'Reilly Book - The Path to Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

PDF Download HERE

Learn How To:

Build real-time data pipelines, live dashboards, and machine learning applications

Prepare data pipelines for predictive analytics and machine learning

Apply predictive analytics to real-time challenges

Use techniques for predictive analytics in production

Move from machine learning to artificial intelligence