MemSQL 6.0 Beta 2 supports these new features and more:

  • Columnstore query execution performance increase up to 80X
  • Dozens of query optimizer enhancements
  • Compiled user-defined stored procedures and functions
  • New SQL Features:
    • Window functions with complex frames
    • New window functions first_value, last_value, nth_value
    • Cross-database joins
    • Update and delete with join
  • AI similarity matching with SIMD functions dot_product and euclidean_distance
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Terms and Conditions

This early access version of the MemSQL 6 software is subject to the MemSQL Software and Services Agreement located at, unless such terms are superseded by a separate written agreement between the parties (the "MemSQL License Agreement"). Notwithstanding anything set forth in the MemSQL License Agreement, the MemSQL 6 Beta 2 release is for development, testing and evaluation purposes only. It is not licensed for production use, and is provided “as is” with no warranty. By downloading and/or accessing this early access software, you agree to such terms.


To provide feedback to MemSQL about the beta, post on the #memsql-public-chat public Slack channel, or email

*MemSQL 6 Beta 2 cannot be used to upgrade any older versions of MemSQL. We recommend provisioning a new test instance.